Where is Ravish Kumar ? Why is he not coming in prime time on NDTV ?

Where is Ravish Kumar ? Why is he not coming in prime time

First of all, I don’t know where Ravish Kumar is and why he is not featuring in prime time from last 4–5 days.Where is Ravish Kumar
I am writing answer to this question because just when I read this question one thing came to my mind.

Ravish Kumar once said in an interview, ‘ मै ये बात देख कर बड़ा परेशान हो जाता हूँ की अगर मैं 4–5 दिनों तक प्राइम टाइम में नहीं आता तो लोग सवाल पूछना शुरू कर देते हैं कि मैं कहाँ गया? मै क्यों नहीं आ रहा? लोगो ने मुझसे एक अजीब सा रिश्ता बना लिया है जो की बिलकुल भी सही नहीं है। आपको खबर से मतलब होना चाहिए न की खबर बताने वाले से।’

( I get worried by seeing this,that when I don’t feature in prime time for 4–5 days people get worry. They start asking where I am? Why I am not anchoring? People have created some kind of a bond with me which is just not right! You should be concerned about the news not about the person who reads it.)

I think we all must understand this news are more important not the news anchor. We don’t think of the team which is behind the curtain; reporters, script writers, presentation workers, camera man, director etc. They are also working for that news but we all focus on who is in front of camera and this thinking is not a irrational and right approach towards news.

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