What Does Having The Corona virus Feel Like?

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Mumbai Web Staff asked 9 months ago
I have tested positive on Sunday, so I think I can say about my experience now that’s it’s worsened quite a bit.
I’m 17, so it may not be the same as others have experienced as I understand it is something that affects everyone differently depending on their immune system, age, etc.
I went to a concert a week before symptoms showed, at the concert there was a man coughing constantly in front of me, so I can guess who I got it from hahah. I was wearing an N-95 mask, but had no eye cover so I’m guessing that’s how I caught it. I can’t be sure as the next day in school my friend was horribly coughing who is also in self-isolation.
The day before I started feeling symptoms, I had a horrible stomache ache and was showing stomach bug symptoms (edit: I forgot but my mum just reminded me that I started to feel very tired the Thursday and Friday prior to the Saturday that I felt ill) which isn’t something the media mentions. That night, I was walking up my stairs and despite not feeling dizzy, I kept losing balance and falling quite a lot. I just blamed it on tiredness as a way not to worry my mother, but I have to admit, I found it quite peculiar. The next day, I had a very clammy feeling everywhere, with a higher temperature than normal and the beginnings of a dry cough. The night before I had also experienced some chest pains. As the days went by, I felt very weak and had some back pains as well. Nothing really changed except from the cough getting worse and last night where I had overwhelming anxiety and felt very uncomfortable, I was finding it hard to breathe and was weeping all over the place. Not the prettiest sight. This morning, I woke up feeling like I couldn’t breathe easier than other days. I’m wearing a mask around the house now to avoid any spreading to my mum who hasn’t shown any symptoms.
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