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Predicting the future is usually something I do over the weekends, but I’ll give it a shot here in a little more of a professional manner.

Does anyone really know what the future of SEO is going to look like? Not really, but I have a few solid ideas. Honestly, everything we’ll be talking about today is more of a reality than it is a prediction. Based on my experience and what I have heard from SEO folks with more digital dexterity than I, the following SEO trends are hot hot hot:

On-SERP Results
Boy oh boy, these are three large cans of worms to open at one time. I’d like to chat about just one of them today, On-SERP results, because it is definitely the most practical.

On-SERP Results
This one is a doozy. For those unfamiliar, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page (the thing you are brought to after hitting enter on Google). Long story short, Google is basically giving the user everything they need to know about their query directly on the search results page. Google is using featured snippets, FAQ blocks, and other unique content types to pull words and pictures from websites and slapping it directly on the SERP.

Why is that a challenge for SEO marketers? No clicks to websites. Well, technically just less clicks to websites. We have seen this first hand with many of our local clients getting more visibility, but less engagement on the search results page.

For example, local searches like “Thai Food Portland” used to display links to offer the user the option to visit the website of the recommended businesses pretty easily. What does the experience look like now? The website links are buried underneath the local listing. I don’t know about you, but I would be more interested in comparing the restaurant reviews and photos directly from this view than to scavenge for their individual website URLs individually. Arguably, great for users in some cases and definitely bad for SEO marketers in all cases.

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