Horologist Joke ( Pirates of the Caribbean 5 )

Horologist. (Pirates of the Caribbean) Not a whorologist.

A person skilled in the art of making clocks and watches. The base <hor(e)> derived from Greek “hora” meaning “hour”. One of its relatives is <horoscope>, looking into the hour (of birth).

Well, this word is only in the urban dictionary, in which the assumption is that the initial base is <whore>. The grapheme <wh> with phoneme /h/ is seen in <who>. The grapheme choice comes from the fact that <whore> comes from Middle/Old English. A very long entry which has me thinking of the [c] [H] connection of Latin “carus” and Old English “hore” ) which is seen in corn/horn).

The study of the written English language can come from anywhere. Likewise it can lead anywhere, as well.

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