ERP Web Solution

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a smart solution that can help you in streaming your business effectively. ERP software solutions coordinate each department, be it marketing, sales, finance, inventory, human resource, etc and also support CRM (customer relationship management) to enable you to find, get and sustain customers.

Why Do You Need Our ERP Solutions?
  • ERP solutions pass on the right information to the right person at the right time. So, it helps different departments of your organization to adapt the changing market conditions and ensure the success of the enterprise.
  • With our ERP software, you will access latest information instantly and decide accordingly.
  • Lauruss Infotech developers develop top-notch ERP solutions that change according to time, demand and market.


Our Best-in-Class ERP software Modules
Sales & Marketing | Asset Management90%
Procurement | Dispatch100%
Inventory | Manufacturing85%
Finance | Import/Export90%
Human resource Management System100%

The Power of Bespoke Web based ERP software

As we know that every business has its own business need. At Mumbai Web Design, our ERP software developers strategically develop solutions to meet different business requirements and expectations effectively. Our software automates business operations such as inventory, billing, accounting and more.

Get the tools you need to cut costs, enhance business productivity and make decisions faster with Mumbai Web Design ERP. Our solutions offer usability, and functional depth, which is hard to find elsewhere.

Website Design Services

All Web Services below are in Premium way. Full Support with 24x7.

Static Website

Static website is best for you if you own a small business. Static website will be affordable for you because it dont need database. 

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Web Portal

Website that used for custom works like office work or personal server. Web portal means we make your website as according your business.

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Marriage Bureau Portal

Marriage bureau needs Mach-making website. This website stor your client’s profile and let them filter other profiles as needs.

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Dynamic Website

If you owns a business or agency which gives updates to your clients or user then this website give you access to update website yourself.

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MLM Website

“Multi Level Marketing” for this kind of business such MLM website suits. MLM portal can manage your tree earnings and tree diagrams.

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Website Hosting

Get the best powerful and speedy web server for your website. Mumbai web design provides Indian and US server with Linux and Windows.

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eCommerce Website

If you want to sell your products or services online through  website then this kind of website may useful for you. It makes shop online fully.

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Graphic Design

Your visiting card and all papers such as brochure,  logo, banner should be same and professional. Mumbai web creates this for you.

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ERP Solutions Portal

If you have so many branches of a company and you want all branch account detail at one click then this ERP website best for you.

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