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Donation For Prakash Raj, the actor has now started online campaign.

On January 1 this year, actor Prakash Raj decided that he wouldn’t wait any longer. That he wouldn’t wait for a messiah to come and clean up our society. To change anything, you need to roll up your sleeves and clean up the mess yourself. So he made an announcement that he would be contesting the 2019 elections as an independent from Bangalore Central.

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Donation for Prakash RajSo here we are. As citizens we now have an exciting opportunity to choose an outsider as our representative in Parliament. Someone who actually represents the citizens and our issues. And Prakash Raj doesn’t want to this by himself, instead he wants this campaign to be co-owned by the citizens of India. Support his campaign and join Team Prakash Raj today.

About Prakash Raj donation

Political Journey and Active, Vocal Politics

Prakash Raj’s politics has only got strengthened and clearer with time. As he looked up to P. Lankesh and spent time around him, he became very close friends with his daughter Gauri, who followed in her father’s footsteps. Gauri and Prakash would have many a discussion over the years about the right wing elements in our country and how they were becoming more aggressive and more dangerous threatening the integrity and social fabric of our society. When Gauri was murdered by these very forces – those who do not support diversity and use divisive politics to create hate amongst people – Prakash took a clear stand against the hate mongering and began to speak out. He became a strong critic of Modi’s right wing government and its policies and the other right wing forces. He constantly questioned the lack of action on the promises made by the parties, during elections and thus began #JustAsking, a forum where Prakash raised questions on the state of the education system and proactively challenged the government’s false promises in the previous election.

He travelled across Karnataka and spoke about the ideas of the right wing and false promises that Modi was making. He then began working with Samana Shikshanakagi Janandolana with the Government schools in Tumkur, Mandya and Chikbalapur districts. The Prakash Raj Foundation appointed new teachers and conducted regular teacher training workshops. The foundation also developed the infrastructure and resources in schools to create model schools by which standard the government could be held responsible for turning the other schools around and in articulating the need for a common schooling system. He created an ‘education through theatre’ curriculum as well as a curriculum to teach theatre. In introducing theatre in schools, they saw a vast improvement in the confidence levels in children and in the ability to express themselves in the classroom.

Prakash Raj adopted Konda Reddy Palya, a village in Kesampet Mandal, Mahbubnagar district in Telengana, among others. In six months time, with the help of the Prakash Raj Foundation, roads were laid, toilets built and clean drinking water provided in the drought-hit village, building tremendous confidence in the villagers dreams of a better life. He keeps in touch and works closely with the Panchayat Raj Ministry and the District Collector to make sure the villagers get all the benefits from every available Government scheme effectively. Prakash visits the villages once a fortnight and has somebody who is in touch with the villagers constantly to make sure everything is in order. His experience in mitigating the pain and suffering of the vulnerable is hands on.


Prakash feels the need now, to become an agent of change for a larger section of society than just the one off village or school. He sees a need to be part of the policy making that will affect a larger population uniformly and consistently. Therefore, he has decided to stand for elections from the Bangalore Central constituency. He believes in doing the work that is necessary and wanted by the people and not being part of a large ideology that loses its way in the politicking of the parliament. He is standing as an independent candidate and would like to make the election an example of what an MP can do for the people of her/his constituency, once she/he is elected to office. We have a chance, as the community of Central Bangalore, to make a difference this time. We have a candidate who is passionate man who is respectful and wants to protect the diversity of our country; a true democratic leader.

Donation for Prakash Raj

Coming from a lower middle class family, he has seen difficult days. His journey into stardom has not been a smooth or easy one. Coming from, what could be considered a single parent home, being brought up by a hard working, strong and compassionate woman, he learnt the true value of earning one’s keep. His childhood and young adulthood also taught him the worth of hard work and what it meant to have a steady income, or lack thereof. He has had a typical sort of lower middle class life that most of us can’t stop smiling nostalgically about, when he tells stories of how he stole mangoes from the orchards for his siblings and himself or that he had to jump on the back of a lorry because he missed the last bus home, to see his mother.

From when he was a young boy Prakash was sensitive and compassionate; a humanist and a lover of animals. As a college going student he was impressed upon by a couple of his teachers and a big influence in his life was P. Lankesh and Tejaswi. His anger against the freedom to express oneself was fuelled by these two men. Prakash holds dear to him the freedom to be able to express oneself, especially in a creative context.

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