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Mumbai Web reviews / testimonials got from clients.

I have always believed in the power of words, expressed in writing or verbally. So, I decided to design my website and e-mail marketing business to the next level. The moment I started looking for a web designer and content writer, worked on long term basis, I came across Satish. The moment I saw how he expresses himself and web designing of various clients. I knew I wanted him to work on my website. He has special talent for transforming information to useful communication, by focusing on exactly what your product or service is looking for. He worked on numerous services provided by him such as as campaigns for Google as we as facebook, blogs, e-mails marketing campaigns and e-book. He knows how to grab your target attention immediately.

John Smith

Satish Patil has been providing marketing for our website through Google and Facebook since 2013 and he himself design our website. So far we are happy with his work and efforts. From blog posts to deal description / reviews to business content, he is writing everything for us. He quickly gets under the skin of every business category and come up with appropriate style and design. He has experience in web designing and marketing through social media. Satisfied and can recommend him easily.

Sarah Lopez
CFO, Apple

Satish worked for our website and we are totally satisfied with his work. He created content for our web pages and information pages, incorporating our primary and secondary keywords and key phrases. He also wrote for our company brochure. He did through research before creating a convincing copy for various sections like wall stickers, wall papers and window films and despite never having written for such a business, he was able to come up with convincing text. Will be working with him as soon as we have more content for our website. I highly recommend him.

Robert Kim