Boldness is just not Sexual for Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta, whose debut in Bollywood was only in bold avatar with Jannat 2, feels that showing skin or doing sexual scenes on the big screen is not boldness for her. The boldness reflects in attitude, says the model-turned-actress.

Revisiting ‘The 4P’s of the Marketing Mix’ with Mike Berry

Marketing in your organisation Is Marketing in your organisation seen as much less necessary than Finance, Sales, Operations or HR? Distracted by digital, does your Marketing workforce discover itself relegated

GDPR and How To Keep Your Website Legal

Have you heard about GDPR? It's a series of fun new regulations that everyone is dying to implement. Just kidding. It's not fun and is actually quite bit of a headache. 

But, unfortunately, it is a headache that can't be ignored. Even if you're not an EU citizen, this regulation still affects you if you collect cookies from your site, collect any kind of personal data (think contact forms, newsletter sign ups, etc) and more. It's crazy, and as busy entrepreneurs or business owners with an employee count under 5 or 10 (or even just 1, anyone?), all businesses that have the potential to process or collect data from any EU citizen need to make sure they're compliant.



The information provided in this guide is in no way meant to be legal advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Dapper Fox will not be held liable for any use, application or consequence as a result of using the information provided here. Please consult an attorney for any questions and to ensure your website has the correct legal notices, disclaimers, policies etc.


It’s a new legal framework from the EU that takes effect on May 25, 2018. The law aims to unify current data protection privacy laws throughout the EU, and enhance the rights of citizens of the EU to protect their personal information.


Even if you’re not in the EU, you still need to be in compliance. If anyone in the EU uses a contact form on your website, signs up for your newsletter, or even if you collect cookies for analyzing website traffic (which Squarespace sites inherently do), or collect personal data of any kind, then you need a GDPR compliant policy.

Ready to dive in and get started on compliance? 


How to Build a Company Your Customers Want to Be a Part of

In episode #1160, we discuss building a company that customers want to be a part of! The number one factor for creating this kind of brand or business is the customer and employee experience and their are a few simple and inexpensive ways to do this! Tune in to hear our thoughts on getting your business up there with the best of them.


Context is Critical: Creating a Culture of Web Analytics

Continuing my series on Creating a Culture of Analytics I would like to touch on a very critical aspect of creating a culture of Web Analytics and that is Context.

What is Context

According to context is
  • Discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
  • the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

Context takes the ambiguity out of the equation. As an Analyst it is very important that you provide full context when reporting your web analytics data. Context gets everybody on the same page. Do not leave anything for interpretation by the end users of your reports, give them the insights in a simple and easy to understand format.

Let’s look at an example to understand critical context is.

60 Degrees

If I say it is going to be 60 degrees tomorrow. What will be you reaction?
If you are in Minnesota – You will yell “Summer”
If you are in Seattle, you will think – ““Spring”
If you are in Florida, you will say “ Damn… Cold”
If you are in India, you will say “WTF….” (Indians measures temperature in Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius is 140 F)

Some other question that might pop in people’s mind are:
  • What is the temperature today?
  • Is it normal to have 60 degrees this time of the year

Without context 60 degrees does not mean much. Right.
Similarly when you report your numbers and tell report on visits, page views, time on site etc. it does not mean much unless you provide the full context.

Web Analytics & Context

Just saying that Visits are down by 10% from last week is not enough. You have to put that 10% decline in full context. Tell your end users what happened and why they should or should not worry.

So add something like : Visits are down 10% from last week and also 10% lower compared to the same time last year. Prior to this week we saw a 10% year over year growth but last week was abnormally down. Isn’t that getting better now?

You should go even further: Last year we got some free advertising from local newspaper sites that drove 20% additional traffic same time last year. Since we did not have the advertising deal this year, it impacted our visits this year. We noted the potential impact of newspaper site advertising in our last year’s annual recap (here is the link to last year report – people forget so remind them). If we take out the impact of spike from newspaper sites then we have a consistent pattern of 10% year over year increase. As noted in last few reports, that increase is due to our social media efforts this year. Now the picture is much clearer. Of course you should look into the full impact e.g. conversion, bounces, sales etc. (Note: How you present this story will depend on what format you chose to present your report)

Now everybody is on the same page and knows exactly what those numbers mean. Without that context, everybody would have had their own interpretations of the data. Misinterpretations lead to wrong action and/or mistrust in the data and the analytics team.

Final Words

Do not provide any reports without providing full context. Keep in mind that most of the canned and automatic reports do more harm than good because they do not provide context.

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Note: This post was originally posted on March 4th, 2011 but it is still very relevant.

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    Web Design vs. Web Development: Key Distinctions to Help Decide Which One You Need

    Whether you just want to update your current website or build one from scratch, you might find yourself wondering what the differences are when it comes to web design versus web development.

    Koffee With Karan Time Machine to offer a tribute to Amitabh Bachchan

    Koffee with Karan is one of the most-watched and one of the entertaining shows with celebs being at their casual best and shedding their inhibitions and speaking their mind on the Koffee couch. We all know Amitabh Bachchan will celebrate his birthday on 11th October. It's still time but Karan and his Koffee have come up with a unique way to present a tribute to the Bollywood actor. On this special occasion, Koffee With Karan Time Machine will showcase all the Bachchan family camaraderie that has been witnessed on the Koffee couch so far, interesting right? So with the Koffee with Karan The Time Machine, get ready to walk down the memory lane of Tinsel town's favorite, close knit family the Bachchans, as they share love, gossip and some wisdom with each other and their fans from the KOUCH!

    Get ready to be hit a major nostalgia as KWK Time Machine will celebrate Amitabh Bachchan's 77th birthday starting Monday, 7th October. It will run all through the week and will bring back some of the memorable times spent by the Bachchans on the show. You would remember the time when Shweta confessed that she is daddy B's favourite? and even when Abhishek confessed to being momma's boy? Or when Shweta was picked as the one-stop-shop for all the Bollywood gossip? Clearly, all is not what it seems in the Bachchan household. So, get ready to witness each fun moment into their interesting lives with back to back episodes of the Bachchan family each time they have come on the kouch!

    From honoring the thick bonds between the Bachchan siblings to rejoicing the never-ending spark between Jaya-Amitabh and Abhishek-Aishwarya, the channel will start with the father and son from the very first season, moving to the mother and daughter paired with Hema Malini and Esha Deol. And that's not it! The following days will see the couples and siblings' fun-filled banter on the Koffee Kouch.

    With Karan Johar's unmatched style and personal connects with his colleagues and friends, the show has given the Bachchan family, a platform to bare their souls and unwind on the koffee couch. So, travel back in time through the Time Machine to rejoice the Bachchan family's journey of becoming a sensational force of filmdom they are today. Starting 7th October every 7 PM, watch Koffee with Karan The Time Machine, as a dedicated week to Bollywood's most loved family makes its way to fans only on Star World.

    How to Handle Misinformation in a Crisis

    Fake news and propaganda have existed for decades, if not centuries. But with social media algorithms reinforcing confirmation bias and with the advent of deep fake technology, misinformation has reached unprecedented levels. As a result, trust has plummeted and corporate crises are becoming ever-more common.

    How To Ensure Your Design System Helps To Achieve The Purpose Of Your Product

    Design System Helps (This is a sponsored submit.) Design techniques assist product groups to method design with a system in thoughts. But not all design techniques are equally efficient. Some

    MiQ ties analytics to actions with new ‘Measure’ device

    MiQ ties analytics to actions with new ‘Measure’ tool

    Marketing intelligence firm MiQ has launched Measure, its new suite of analytics tools to help marketers better optimise return on investment.

    Drawing on MiQ’s existing analytics solutions, leveraging data science as a service model, the Measure product suite has been designed to help marketers define the metrics that matter in order to optimize return on investment and drive real business growth.

    Campaign measurement remains a key challenge for marketers, as shown in a recent Advertiser Perceptions study that consistently ranked measuring and proving ROI as a top five challenge for marketers across the US, UK and Canada.

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    Employee Advocacy At Scale with Hootsuite Amplify

      Ciaran talks to Alistair Beech from the University of Manchester and explores how they are using Hootsuite’s Amplify App to engage senior staff advocates to help spread the word on the University’s amazing research and campaign initiatives. Based at the largest single-site university in the UK, Alistair shares with us how his communications team went about persuading influential members of the University’s community to engage with their advocacy programme. How do you go about convincing busy staff members and academics that helping you to share great content about your organisation is a beneficial activity for them to invest their time into? If you are looking at any employee social engagement at scale, Alistair has some great pointers and key learnings that will help you to build a useful and engaging internal advocacy programme. Listen in and learn how to engage at scale. Useful Links Hootsuite Amplify >Hootsuite The University of Manchester  Alistair Beech James Baker

    Old Bulgarian Lottery Tickets Were Winning at Design

    I couldn’t find much information about these lottery tickets from communist Bulgaria, but the design alone makes it worth sharing here. Heavily inspired by Russian constructivism, these tickets are an amazing display of great layouts produced with abstract shapes only. Images via

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    Website Design in Naples Florida for Jeff Wilson Pool Services

    We recently launched a redesigned website for Jeff Wilson Pool Service in Naples, Florida to continue to expand on their growth and success in the Southwest Florida market.

    With over 60 employees, and serving Naples Florida since 1985, Jeff Wilson Pool Service is the premier pool service, maintenance and renovation company in the area.

    We’ve been working with JWPS since 2009, and together we’ve built a powerful online presence that attracts new customers every day through Google searches for Pool Cleaning in Naples Florida and a variety of other search terms.

    Today, the new website engages visitors with stunning visuals and important information about their experience and services.

    Each page of the site is carefully organized and helps visitors find the information quickly and easily. Potential customers can schedule a consultation for a renovation, decide on a service plan that fits their needs, and much more.

    Check out the new Jeff Wilson Pool Service!

    Are you in Naples, Florida and need a successful website for your business or organization?
    Let’s talk!

    The Magic of Mobile | Social Media Help Desk Episode 76

    The future is mobile. You might even be reading this on your phone right now! The truth is that adults spend nearly three hours of their day on their phone, and that’s just the average. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your site could be underperforming when it comes to the user experience. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, I’m sitting down with our host Alexandra Hall and guest Layla Lamajier as we discuss tips for making some mobile site magic, the week’s trending topics, and providing you with the tips you need to stand out on IG.


    Instagram Cuts the Dead Weight (00:00-07:18)


    We’re kicking the discussion off with news from Instagram as they move toward restricting dangerous weight-loss claims in content. This change comes after years of product pushing from celebrities like the Kardashians who claim products like a weight-loss shake have transformed their bodies. Then we’re getting into the spooky spriting with the dos and don’ts of Halloween marketing on Twitter, and we’re talking about a small addition to Pinterest’s capabilities. 


    Shine Bright Like an Instagram Diamond in the Rough (07:18-15:14)


    When 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram a day, how do you stand out and get noticed? I’m sharing my 3 tips for better content, lighting, and quality of photos.  I also share how these elements can elevate your Instagram posts. 


    Be Mobile Minded (15:14-26:09)


    Layla is wrapping up the day’s discussion with the key factors that make a website “mobile-friendly.” These quick fixes can update your site’s mobile design, functionality, and usability so you can convert more customers and improve the user’s experience online. 


    Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. 

    Still not sure if you’re making the most out of mobile? 

    CLICK HERE to sign up for a complimentary 30 Minute Website Audit.




    Rental Makes Economic Sense: Understanding Aspects of Rental Industry

    The first thing that comes in the mind of an entrepreneur when thinking of the rental industry is Airbnb and Uber. Online rental businesses are expanding at a rapid pace making these, one of the most profitable models in the industry.

    Early adopters believed the rental Industry to be a passing fad or might turn out to be a disruptive industry that will destroy the profits of all other industries.

    The Rental Industry has gathered a venture capital of approx $24 billion since 2010

    Over the years, rental industry giants have been receiving generous capital from investors. One of the major factors resulting in the growth of the sharing economy is the target audience in the US, which according to NITA Data, is the wealthiest, full of well-educated people.

    The rental industry is rapidly growing as a platform that provides temporary access to various assets. This industry which was valued at $19 billion in 2017 is expected to be $59.4 billion by 2022.

    In the US, where the rental industry has been expanding at annual rates of between 5-7% for the past few years and is forecast to stay at the 5% level for the coming few years. The number of adults (in the U.S) using the increasingly popular renting economy is 73.7 million in 2019 and is likely to increase to 86.5 million by 2021.

    While rental is an industry in itself, it also accommodates other industries under its umbrella. Many new business models have come up in this industry, one of which is “collaborative consumption”. Where users are consuming a particular commodity together, like in shared workspace. To simplify it further let me share an example with you.


    While websites like rentmojo also exist where a user can go and rent items according to their needs. There are many businesses that have created a new niche within already existing industries. Transportation & logistics segment has successfully adopted the rental model with its already existing business models.

    Below are some of the online niche-based ideas, which an entrepreneur can consider while opening a business in the rental industry:

    Rental Industry Niche Business Ideas

    The Online Rental Industry Report 2019 – 2023

    Entrepreneurs with a keen interest in this industry must gain more knowledge before starting a new venture. To enable entrepreneurs make an informed decision, we would like to share information about the recent launch of online rental industry report.

    Why should I download Online Rental Industry Report?

    The report contains information on different topics that are important for decision making. Here are some points from the report:

    • Growth of the rental industry
    • Opportunities in the rental Industry
    • Challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the rental industry
    • Online niche-based rental business ideas
    • What’s next in the rental industry

    Rental Industry Report

    Find the Right Keywords Tools You Need for More Search Traffic

    If you want to get the job done right, you need the right tools. For example, if you want to grow your search traffic you need the right free keyword research tools. Otherwise, you will struggle to rank your site for high-converting keywords that drive customers and traffic to your site. This topic is so […]

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