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What Visual and Voice Search Means for search engine optimization in 2019

What Visual and Voice Search Means for SEO in 2019

The fundamental elements that make or break search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns have remained constant. However, their purpose and definitions are constantly changing, as algorithms and trends also change.

Some of the trends and technologies that have had a great impact on SEO are visual and voice search.

More and more people are looking to install google voice search and ok google for desktop. Because of these trends, the scope has evolved and expanded, making it more dynamic than ever. For the most part, SEO has become increasingly focused on the needs of consumers and stakeholders.

According to a previous report, 74 percent of online shoppers maintain that text-only search is not enough to let them find the products they exactly need. Because of this, the Gartner research has predicted that by 2021, e-commerce brands that redesign their websites to support voice and visual search will have increased revenue, increasing as much as 30 percent more.

Online marketers will be able to engage with their audience better in every stage of the buying process when they utilise visual and voice search

This goes without saying that transitioning from the old, static websites to adaptive, responsive, and interactive websites that have a voice and visual search capabilities will prove to be a wise business strategy.


Sensory-Focused Search

Search visibility still matters, and it will stay the same. However, the “Internet of Things” has made it a challenge to pin down the factors that affect rankings. Because of the various elements that affect AI-powered algorithms that fine-tune search results, SEO professionals and digital marketers need to be always on the lookout for the changes that affect the results of various markers.

Brands need to create content that is relevant to queries that users will utilise as they search for products and services related to them. However, the queries have become more contextual and specific. Because of this, content creators need to look at both relevance and usefulness. It’s not enough to be relevant — the content must offer value and be seen as useful.

How does a search engine determine usefulness and relevance? For one, if your content and website have a low bounce rate, it means that users stay on your website and check out your other web pages.

This means that users find what they need on your website or are at least finding your website filled with information that they desire. This is just one of the markers that determine the relevancy and usefulness of a website.


Voice and Visual Search

Moreover, when you factor in sensory search (voice and visual), it’s essential that your content is also searchable through those technologies. This means accompanying your text content with related and clear visuals (visual search) that come with clear descriptions and captions (voice search). It’s also essential to remain up-to-date with the technologies used for these search methods.

For instance, the ability to upload an image or search via image URL has long been available to online users. Today, other technologies are becoming increasingly available. One of them is the ability to use a smartphone camera into a visual discovery tool. Visual search is also being conditioned as a building block for virtual reality and augmented reality interactions.

In terms of voice search, it’s crucial for texts to be concise and straightforward enough for text-to-speech tools to recognise them easily.


The Bottom Line

With smart and mobile device technologies becoming continuously more advanced, it’s safe to assume that visual and voice search is here to stay. Top SEO consultants, SEO professionals and digital marketers need to be on the constant lookout for developments to keep up with the advancements.

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How to Download a Youtube Video Without Installing Anything

Have you ever wanted to use bits and pieces of a Youtube video or have a Youtube video on your desktop, phone or tablet device?

Me too.

So, I researched how to do this and found a really simple process that anyone can do.

Step 1:

Go to the Youtube video you want to download.

Step 2:

Let the video play for at least a few seconds.

Step 3:

Type in http://ss and then the youtube video URL:

ie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG_u0aisIZc



You’ll be taken here:

how to download a youtube video

Step 4:

Click on the Green Download button and you’re done!

If you know of a better way, please comment below.


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